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Please contact our customer service at:

Instant Deposit and Quick Withdrawal
According to many, online gambling is all about leisure and recreation. It is regarded as a harmeless and fun way to spend your extra leisure time to escapte from the daily monotony. However, some players have unintentionally abused the use of online gambling, and would inevitably bring unnecessary negative impacts to their life. At MCLUB77, all of our staff is well-trained to detect and identify any negative sign arising from players in misusing online gambling as a recreational activity. Our ultimate goal is to provide a comfortable and responsible online gambling environment, while assisting people who are in immediate needs of help. We do not weigh our missions lightly. We strongly believe that we are only able to create a healthy online gambling environment by constantly fulfilling social responsibility in relation to online gambling activities.
Never ever gamble if:
You are not of legal age.
It distracts you from work life balance.
You are recently recovering from any type of addictive disorder or dependencies.
Your are under the influence of alcohol, medication or any other intoxicating substances.
You have bad mental or physical conditions or both.
You are attempting to make up for the prior gambling losses.
If online gambling is not something you want to do but rather something you need to do, we strongly advise you to seek for professional assistance from the local authority. As a matter of fact, we have a professional team of online gambling counselors who may be able to help you to recover from such situation.
Controlling Compulsive Online Gambling
MCLUB77 do not gain any benefit or interest from any compulsive online gambling activities. Instead, we strive hard to provide a safe and fun online betting environment to benefit all online casino players in Malaysia. In fact, any compulsive online gambling activities are completely against our core principles, as it might potentially cause unwanted issues amongst families, friends, or even the entire society as a whole.
MCLUB77 is committed to detecting, reducing, and even eliminating any compulsive online gambling activities that are within its controllable areas. Our back-end system is developed in such a way to closely keep track of every single online gambling activities associated with a player. In addition, we have been constantly working on the enforcements possible effective and efficient manners, to monitor any excessive online gambling activities that have already gone beyond the player’s capability to control. Based on our regular observations, the majority of the online casino players are able to control their respective online gambling activities within a tolerable range. However, some of the players might lose ability to discipline themselves in such activities, resulting in unexpected losses under some unique circumstances. In view of this, we work hard to identify and assist any compulsive online gambler to address as well as to dissolve their problems. Other than that, we also take certain precautions to prevent other online casino players from becoming compulsive online gamblers as well.
To ensure that a player is under control, kindly take serious note of the following:
Online gambling is merely a form of entertainment, whilst every online casino player should treat it as a form of entertainment and never over-spend on it.
Online gambling should never be treated as a genuine way to make quick profit.
Bet tab displays the bet amount for the first betting round, and the bet amounts, banker odds, as well as player odds for other betting rounds. The bet field should stay empty if you do no place a valid bet.
Avoid chasing losses. Take a step back to pause and think clearly before deciding your next course of actions.
Keep track of the amount of money and time you spend on online gambling.
If you feel like to take a break from online gambling, please do not hesitate to contact us for self-exclusion or suspension of your account.
MCLUB77 closely monitors the institutional guidelines dedicated to addressing the potential social impacts of online gambling activities. We are highly committed to assisting players in gambling responsibly, hence we are also committed to working with any related institutions in developing responsible gaming policies as well as market practices.
Raising Industry Standards Worldwide
We aim to enhance the common market standards in the online casino industry worldwide, to fulfill our social responsibility in maintaining the utmost integrity, transparency, legitimacy, and awareness of the industry as a whole. We strive hard to raise the bar of market integrity worldwide because we strongly believe that operating at the highest standards is the only way to benefit our society as well as customers.
Accountability and Integrity
We value every single feedback and suggestion provided by our customers, in order to continuously maintain our accountability as well as market integrity. Meanwhile, we heavily emphasizes the importance of market integrity as this is one of the critical factors that would improve the level of confidence towards the industry as a whole. We urge all online betting sites in Malaysia to operate at the highest level of standards for the benefits of all.
Transaction Processing
Being a socially responsible online betting company, MCLUB77 adheres to all laws within its jurisdiction pertaining to fund transactions. We would like to ensure the trustworthiness as well as credibility in relation to all fund transactions, to avoid any potential default in payment under all circumstances. Moreover, all our processed transactions are carried out in the form of partnership with internationally recognized payment entities.
Winning Payout
We are committed to fulfilling payment liability upon cash withdrawal request from customer. We have delivered a perfect record of 100% guaranteed payment to customers ever since our inception, and will continue to do so in maintaining our business reputation. All players could expect to receive their winning payouts under whatsoever circumstances dealing with MCLUB77.
Highly Committed Customer Service Quality
The level of customer satisfaction is always our top priority. We promise to deliver the best customer service quality, supporting our valuable customers in any related matters. Customers are allowed to contact us through a range of available methods. Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.